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Fairchild Consulting is a full-service business continuity consulting firm. Whether you are just beginning to formalize a program, or you are an industry leader, Fairchild will apply a unique blend of proven methodology and innovative thought leadership to advance your organization to a new level of preparedness.

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Determining the correct disaster recovery strategy is a daunting task given the mind-bending speed at which the options change and challenges arise. Imagine if there were a firm out there without a vested interest in which technology your organization selected. Imagine if there were a firm whose only agenda was yours. What is a vendor-neutral partner you could put your trust in worth? Fairchild Consulting doesn’t offer cloud computing services, hotsites, hardware, or hard sells. We just figure out how your organization works and how best to ensure that it always does regardless of the situation.


Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery, Information Security, Software Administration…let’s blend the perfect set of services for your organization. Fairchild offers complete flexibility and the confidence that the tasks you entrust to us will be performed with the same dedication and attention to detail that you would apply if were performing them yourself. Since our inception we have been customizing and providing managed services for organizations of all sizes and complexity.