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Since our inception, Fairchild Consulting has been focused on building a strategic, innovative practice.

what we do

Fairchild recognized needs within the industry for the next level of consulting services and software. Maturing business resiliency programs require innovative approaches to continuously drive their programs and program adoption.


Our Mission

Fairchild Resiliency Services seeks to advance resiliency for our clients through innovative software and consulting solutions. Fairchild has been and strives to continue to be a disruptive force for positive change in the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery industry. Our mission is to elevate the level of effectiveness and efficiency at which our clients respond to and recover from disasters. We are driven by a passion for customer service that guides the design of our software and underpins our approach to the unique strategic solutions we collaboratively implement for our clients. By continuously challenging the notion of what’s possible, we are able to evolve and adapt our products and services to not only overcome the challenges faced by our clients, but to propel them to new levels of performance.

Fairchild Consulting recognized a need, within the business resiliency community, for the next level of consulting service and expertise. Maturing business resiliency programs require innovative approaches to continuously drive their programs and program adoption. Fairchild supports organizations seeking innovative approaches by implementing our methodology that includes Commitment, Innovation, and Advancement. The Fairchild passion for excellence starts with an extreme customer focus that has allowed us to include our complete family of customers as references. The teams' background in management consulting, program adoption, and industry-best software/tools are a few more of Fairchild's differentiators.​ ​Fairchild Consulting is committed to drive business resiliency to a new level through innovative solutions derived from a combination of proven methodology and unparalleled innovation. Advance your program by aligning with the thought leader in the industry.

  • Make the commitment.
  • Transform through innovation.
  • Advance to a new level.


Fairchild Consulting is a full-service business continuity consulting firm. Whether you are just beginning to formalize a program, or you are an industry leader


Determining the correct disaster recovery strategy is a daunting task given the mind-bending speed at which the options change and challenges arise.


Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery, Infomation Security, Software Administration...let's blend the perfect set of services for your organization.

FairchildApp Named 2016 Innovation of the Year by the Business Continuity Institute!

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